Pre-World Championship and FEMCA Titles


QRCCRA are proud to announce the 2020 SpeedyRC IFMAR Pre-World Championship event will be held alongside the FEMCA Championship at our England Park Raceway facility in Brisbane Australia.
This event has 4 different classes, including the Pre-world Championship 200mm touring car and FEMCA touring car classes, allowing entrants to enjoy double the track time under race conditions in the lead up to the 2020 1:10 IC Track World Championships in September. It will also feature controlled fuel and controlled tyres for all classes. Entry and racers Packs can be found on the 2020 World Championship website.
The closing date/time for all registration and payment of entry and racers packs will be at midnight on February 15th, 2020.

Event details:
Friday 22nd May Track Closed
Saturday 23rd May Track Closed
Sunday 24th May Track Closed
Monday 25th May International Practice Day and Registration
Tuesday 26th May Open Practice and Registration
Wednesday 27th May Open Practice, Registration, and Pre-scrutineering
Thursday 28th May Qualifying rounds 1 through 3
Friday 29th May Qualifying rounds 4 through 6
Saturday 30th May Lower Finals and Super Pole
Sunday 31st May Semi Finals, Top Two practice, and Finals

This event will be run under IFMAR rules for a championship event utilising a secure area for tyre and fuel handout. The FEMCA 1:8 classes (Open and Masters) will use 25% nitro fuel and a choice of either Runnertime or Maxima controlled fuel will be used by all competitors. Pre-Worlds and FEMCA 1:10 IC tourer will use 16% nitro controlled fuel for all competitors.
The Racers’ Packs will include 11 sets of spec tyres and fuel to use for seeding practice, qualifying, and finals. Additional fuel and tyres will be available for sale at the track for use in open practice.

Online entry, racers’ packs, and practice tyres and fuel now available from the web shop.

QRCCRA would like to take this opportunity to welcome all International and Australian competitors to our beautiful city and we hope you enjoy some of the many attractions to be found in this part of the country.

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