Entry Open for Pre-World and FEMCA Championships

Entry is now open for the Pre-World Championship and the FEMCA Championships. Beginning on May 25th, the Pre-World Championship for 1:10 IC Track Touring Cars will be run concurrently with FEMCA Championships for 1:10 and 1:8 IC Track classes and 1:8 IC Masters class. All classes will be run using controlled fuel and tyres and a proposed schedule is available here.

To secure your place in this event, simply visit the online shop, purchase the required entries and relevant racer’s pack. Your details will be collected in the checkout process. Payments can be made using a PayPal account or with a credit card through the PayPal gateway. While you are there you can purchase tyres and fuel for open practice, and pick them up at the track on May 25th. Tyres and fuel can be purchased at the track from SpeedyRC, however supply is only guaranteed if you pre-order through the 2020worldchampionship.com online shop.

Entries close on February 15th to ensure fuel and tyres can be delivered in time. No late entries will be accepted.

Cross entry is permitted between all classes except 1:8 FEMCA and 1:8 Masters (i.e. you may enter any combination of PW 1:10, FEMCA 1:10, and either FEMCA 1:8 OR Masters 1:8).

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