The Story So Far

On the surface it may seem that a few phone calls is all it takes to secure an event as prestigious as the 2020 IFMAR IC 200mm Track World Championships. However, a lot of work went into the application process, including the preparation of documents and securing the support of local and state government.

Approximately 9 months ago, QRCCRA began the application process by appointing a club member to explore the feasibility of holding a third world championship at England Park Raceway. Gary Gregory then set about researching the costs and manpower needed to run a successful event and prepared the application document.

While preparing the application, local and state government were contacted and offered their support by way of letters of support.

Since then both local and state government agencies have committed to help the club in any way they can. The information and tourism department of Moreton Bay Regional Council, known as MBRIT, have become involved to ensure competitors can experience all the region has to offer before, after and during the event; more details will appear on this site as they are confirmed.

The 2020 IC World Championships committee look forward to working with many local agencies and companies over the next 18 months to prepare and deliver an outstanding event.

Terry Langham
QRCCRA and 2020 IC World Championship Committee Secretary

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