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The Story So Far

The Story So Far

On the surface it may seem that a few phone calls is all it takes to secure an event as prestigious as the 2020 IFMAR IC 200mm Track World Championships. However, a lot of work went into the application process, including the preparation of documents and securing the support of local and state government.

Approximately 9 months ago, QRCCRA began the application process by appointing a club member to explore the feasibility of holding a third world championship at England Park Raceway. Gary Gregory then set about researching the costs and manpower needed to run a successful event and prepared the application document.

While preparing the application, local and state government were contacted and offered their support by way of letters of support.

Since then both local and state government agencies have committed to help the club in any way they can. The information and tourism department of Moreton Bay Regional Council, known as MBRIT, have become involved to ensure competitors can experience all the region has to offer before, after and during the event; more details will appear on this site as they are confirmed.

The 2020 IC World Championships committee look forward to working with many local agencies and companies over the next 18 months to prepare and deliver an outstanding event.

Terry Langham
QRCCRA and 2020 IC World Championship Committee Secretary

Chairman’s Update – May 8th, 2019

Chairman’s Update – May 8th, 2019

With the recent announcement at England Park Raceway, Brendale, Australia during the running of the inaugural Asian Nitro Championship at Brendale, the committee has been busy securing further sponsorship for the 2020 IFMAR 1:10 IC World Championship to be run September 18th through October 4th (includes lead up days and a full day of open track after the event) 2020.

With much yet to do, we can formally announce that Michael Sherman from SPEEDYRC has generously signed on as our naming rights sponsor and the committee is excited to be working alongside Michael to bring you the best possible event worthy of being called a World Championship.

Having had a nice chat with Kenji Taira san while he was attending the ANC recently, I am able to announce that Creation Model Inf1nity have generously agreed to be a major sponsor of the world championships. While speaking with Kenji san I was delighted to hear his glowing comments on England Park Raceway.

I can also confirm that Jodie and Jeff McNamara from atm2go, a local supplier of ATM’s have also come on board as a major sponsor. Jeff and Jodie came to our facility a few weeks ago and were simply stunned by what they saw. They expressed their thanks for being asked to become a sponsor of the world championships and we welcome there team. We will have an on-site ATM at the world championships for all to use for our convenience.

As we move forward in our planning, I will be announcing further sponsors for this event and I ask you to show your support for all our sponsors by supporting their businesses whenever possible.
An event such as this requires a dedicated team of people who are willing to sacrifice their time to provide their expertise and pay attention to detail so that every possible eventuality is foreseen and dealt with in a timely manner. I want to personally thank Terry Langham, our committee Secretary and Richard Allsop our Treasury Adviser as these two gentlemen are working closely with me as we work towards the event.

As everyone knows, no club will run itself, behind every successful club there are the tireless workers who toil, in some cases, day and night because they are committed to giving us a great race track and this requires some serious dedication, attention to detail and a healthy dose of “thick skin” covering. The QRCCRA management committee is lead by Eddie Olyslager who is an absolute workaholic, he spends days at the track looking for work to be done and without any hesitation ploughs right on in and takes care of it. Eddie has a lot of help from others, Paul Dutton is a Treasurer and can often be found lurking around the track fixing what needs fixing, checking on our food supply in the canteen and closely guarding the “books” to ensure we keep our reputation of a soundly run club.

No club functions without a Secretary, the engine in any club and we are very fortunate to have Terry once again taking an active role in steering the club towards the world championships. Brian Kruckow is our VP on the management committee and he gives our club committee the balance every club requires to be effective.
To all those members who have worked so hard to give us the track we use today, there is no adequate way to express the gratitude you deserve from those of us fortunate to be able to race on this circuit. The sheer number of hours spent creating the track, the drainage system, the elevation and banking so unique to EPR is absolutely mind numbing, The effort you put in is truly astounding and the comments received during the recent ANC Australian round add further to the reputation of EPR as the Premiere RC on-road track in Australia. I cannot list all who worked on the project as I am afraid I will miss somebody out, but I want to express my personal thanks to you all. Amazing job.

Future announcements will appear on the 2020 World Championships web site so do check the site regularly as we ramp up the schedule of meetings with Local and State Governments, prospective sponsors and a myriad of other details that need to be identified and acted upon. This is a work in progress and the committee are mindful that some information must remain “commercial in confidence” and will not be made public but as we confirm more sponsorship we will announce them at that time.

Thank you
Gary Gregory
2020 World Championship Committee

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